This page aggregates all important dates of all events Porto airport currently associated to the FMโ€™19 World Congress.

Check your timings in the table below, which you can sort and select at your convenience.

Please note this is a dynamic table โ€“ new dates are added as soon as they become available:

FM 20192019-03-28Abstract Submission
FM 20192019-04-11Full Paper Submission
FM 20192019-06-11Notification
FM 20192019-07-09Camera Ready
FM 20192019-10-09Symposium
FM19 WC2018-11-16Call for workshop & tutorial proposals
MPC 20192019-04-26Abstract Submission
MPC 20192019-05-03Full Paper Submission
MPC 20192019-06-14Notification
MPC 20192019-07-12Camera Ready
MPC 20192019-10-07Conference
RV 20192019-04-30Submission deadline
RV 20192019-06-14Notification
RV 20192019-10-08Conference
SAS 20192019-10-09Symposium
TAP 20192019-03-28Abstract
TAP 20192019-04-11Paper
TAP 20192019-06-11Notification
TAP 20192019-07-09Camera-Ready Version
TAP 20192019-10-09Conference
VECoS 20192019-04-30Abstract Submission
VECoS 20192019-05-08Submission of papers
VECoS 20192019-06-11Notification of acceptance
VECoS 20192019-06-18Final version
VECoS 20192019-10-07Conference
FMIS 20192019-06-21Paper Submission
FMIS 20192019-07-31Notification
FMIS 20192019-09-02Camera Ready
PPDP 20192019-10-07Symposium
PPDP 20192019-04-26Title and abstract registration
PPDP 20192019-05-03Paper submission
PPDP 20192019-06-03Rebuttal period (48 hours)
PPDP 20192019-06-14Author notification
PPDP 20192019-07-15Final paper version
RPLA 20192019-06-23Paper submission deadline
RPLA 20192019-07-24Author notification
RPLA 20192019-08-26Camera ready version
EFM 20192019-06-30Submission deadline
EFM 20192019-07-31Author notification
EFM 20192019-09-02Camera-ready due
EFM 20192019-11-15Post-proceedings due (tentative)
F-IDE 20192019-06-18Abstract submission
F-IDE 20192019-06-25Paper submission
F-IDE 20192019-08-20Notification
F-IDE 20192019-09-03Camera-ready version
FMBC 20192019-06-30Paper submission
FMBC 20192019-07-31Author notification