Peter Lucas Award | FM 2019

Paul F. Syverson e Stuart G. Stubblebine

Group Principals and the Formalisation of Anonymity

FME Fellowship Award | FM 2019

José Meseguer

Designing Systems in Rewriting Logic: The Power of the Thought Experiment

Best Theory Paper Award | FM 2019

Hans-Peter Deifel, Stefan Milius,  Lutz Schröder and Thorsten Wißmann

Generic Partition Refinement and Weighted Tree Automata

Best Tool Paper Award | FM 2019

Andrew Sogokon, Stefan Mitsch, Yong Kiam Tan, Katherine Cordwell and André Platzer

Pegasus: A Framework for Sound Continuous Invariant Generation

Radhia Cousot Young Researcher Award | SAS 2019

Anna Becchi

Revisiting Polyhedral Analysis for Hibrid Systems

Yuxiang Lei

Fast and Precise Handling of Positive Weight Cycles for Field-sensitive Pointer Analysis

Best Paper Award | RV 2019

Dejan Nickovic, Xin Qin, Thomas Ferrère, Cristinel Mateis and Jyotirmoy Deshmukh

Shape Expressions for Specifying and Extracting Signal Features

Test of Time Award |  RV 2019

Moonzoo Kim, Sampath Kannan, Insup Lee, Oleg Sokolsky and Mahesh Viswanathan

Java-MaC: A Run-time Assurance Tool for Java Programs

Best Presentation Award | Doctoral Symposium

Erzana Beran Abdelwahab and Pedro Jorge Ângelo (ex aequo)

Delayed Hybrid Systems’ and ‘Discrete Polymorphism with Gradual Typing

Best Paper Award | LOPSTR 2019

Patrick Cousot

On Fixpoint/Iteration/Variant Induction Principles for Proving Total Correctness of Programs with Denotational Semantics