➡️ OVERALL PROGRAM of the FM’19 CONGRESS – please browse the table below. ⬅️

The final programs of the following FM’19 events, as generated by EasyChair’s smart program technology,  are available from:

AFFORD (Oct 7) | DS (Oct 7) | DataMod (Oct 7-8) | F-IDE (Oct 7) | FM (Oct 9-11) | FMAS (Oct 11) | FMBC (Oct 11) | FMIS (Oct 7) | FMTea (Oct 7) | HFM (Oct 11) | LOPSTR (Oct 8-10) | MPC (Oct 7-9) | NSAD (Oct 8) | OVT (Oct 7) | OpenCERT (Oct 7) | PPDP (Oct 7-9) | REFINE (Oct 7) | RPLA (Oct 9) | RV (Oct 8-11) | SAS (Oct 9-11) | SG65 (Oct 8) | TAP (Oct 9-11) | TAPAS (Oct 8) | UTP (Oct 8) | VECoS (Oct 9) | i-Day (Oct 11)

The table below records where and when all sessions of the events of the FM Week of the FM’19 world congress will take place.

Legend Porto airport (cf. the map aside):

  • APAlfândega do Porto
  • WoDWorld of Discoveries
  • VPHotel Vincci Porto

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NB: The information below is subject to minor changes until the start of the FM’19 Congress.

FM’19 Program

-HallAPOct-07Registration Opening08h15
DataMod 2019--Oct-07Session 1: No talks scheduled to allow for attendence of keynotes at other workshops.09h0010h00
FMTea 2019AWSAPOct-07Session 1: Invited Lecture09h0010h00
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-07Session 1: PPDP Invited Talk 09h0010h00
DS 2019GoogleAPOct-07Session 1 - Invited Talk09h0010h00
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-07Session 1: MPC Keynote 09h0010h00
AFFORD 2019ArrabidaAPOct-07Session 1: Keynote09h0010h00
FMIS 2019ArrabidaAPOct-07Session 1 - AFFORD Keynote (joint session)09h0010h00
OVT 2019PortoAPOct-07Session 109h0010h00
F-IDE 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-07Session 1: Keynote: Wolfgang Ahrendt09h0010h00
OpenCERT 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-07Session 1: Opening09h0009h05
OpenCERT 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-07Session 2: Keynote Talk by Andreas Meiszner09h0510h00
-BarVPOct-07Coffee Break10h0010h30
-HallAPOct-07Coffee Break10h0010h30
FMTea 2019AWSAPOct-07Session 2: Tutorial Lectures10h3012h30
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-07Session 2: Lambda Calculus and Type Theory10h3012h30
DS 2019GoogleAPOct-07Session 210h3012h30
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-07Session 210h3012h30
FMIS 2019S.JoaoAPOct-07Session 2: Paper presentations10h3012h30
AFFORD 2019ArrabidaAPOct-07Session 2: Regular Papers10h3012h30
OVT 2019PortoAPOct-07Session 210h3012h30
DataMod 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-07Session 2: Verification10h3012h30
F-IDE 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-07Session 2: Verification10h3012h30
OpenCERT 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-07Session 3: Student Experience Papers10h3011h30
REFINE 2019CeutaWoDOct-07Session 1: Invited talk11h0012h00
OpenCERT 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-07Session 4: Survey and Research Papers11h3012h30
REFINE 2019CeutaWoDOct-07Session 212h0012h30
FMTea 2019AWSAPOct-07Session 3: Teaching Program Verification14h0015h00
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-07Session 3: Term Rewriting14h0015h00
DS 2019GoogleAPOct-07Session 314h0015h00
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-07Session 314h0015h00
FMIS 2019S.JoaoAPOct-07Session 3: FMIS Keynote (Michael D. Harrison, Newcastle)14h0015h00
AFFORD 2019ArrabidaAPOct-07Session 3: Regular Papers14h0015h00
OVT 2019PortoAPOct-07Session 314h0015h00
DataMod 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-07Session 3: Data-driven Models14h0015h00
REFINE 2019CeutaWoDOct-07Session 314h0015h00
F-IDE 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-07Session 3: Proof Systems14h0015h00
OpenCERT 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-07Session 5: Position and Project Papers14h0015h00
FMTea 2019AWSAPOct-07Session 4: FMTea19 Poster Session (at coffee break)15h0015h30
-BarVPOct-07Coffee Break15h0015h30
-HallAPOct-07Coffee Break15h0015h30
FMTea 2019AWSAPOct-07Session 5: Teaching Program Development15h3016h40
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-07Session 4: Programming Language Semantics15h3017h00
DS 2019GoogleAPOct-07Session 415h3017h30
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-07Session 415h3017h00
FMIS 2019S.JoaoAPOct-07Session 4: Paper presentations15h3017h00
AFFORD 2019ArrabidaAPOct-07Session 4: Discussions15h3017h00
OVT 2019PortoAPOct-07Session 415h3016h10
DataMod 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-07Session 4: Modelling15h3016h30
REFINE 2019CeutaWoDOct-07Session 415h3017h00
F-IDE 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-07Session 4: Simulation15h3016h30
OpenCERT 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-07Session 6: Discussion and Closing15h3016h30
OVT 2019PortoAPOct-07Session 5: INTO-CPS Association Plenary16h1018h00
FMTea 2019AWSAPOct-07Session 6: Effective Teaching Techniques16h4018h00
FMIS 2019S.JoaoAPOct-07Session 5: Plenary discussion and closing17h0017h30
-PierAPOct-07Welcome Reception18h0019h30
LOPSTR 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 1 (Opening)08h4509h00
MPC 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 5: Opening Remarks08h4509h00
PPDP 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 5: UTP Keynote 08h4510h00
RV 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 1: Opening Remarks08h4509h00
UTP 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 1: Opening remarks08h4509h00
DataMod 2019--Oct-08Session 5: No talks scheduled to allow for attendence of keynotes at other workshops.09h0010h00
LOPSTR 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 2: UTP Keynote 09h0010h00
MPC 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 6: UTP Keynote 09h0010h00
RV 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 2: Keynote (Joint Session with UTP) 09h0010h00
UTP 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 2: Keynote 09h0010h00
SG65AWSAPOct-08UTP Keynote09h0010h00
NSAD 2019GoogleAPOct-08Welcome09h1509h30
TAPAS 2019GoogleAPOct-08Welcome09h1509h30
NSAD 2019GoogleAPOct-08Session 1 - Invited talk (shared with TAPAS)09h3010h00
TAPAS 2019GoogleAPOct-08Session 1: Invited talk (shared with NSAD)09h3010h00
-BarVPOct-08Coffee Break10h0010h30
-HallAPOct-08Coffee Break10h0010h30
UTP 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 3: Unification Approaches10h3012h30
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-08Session 6: Programming Languages and Compilers10h3012h30
TAPAS 2019GoogleAPOct-08Session 210h3012h30
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-08Session 710h3012h30
RV 2019S.JoaoAPOct-08Session 3A: Tutorial10h3012h30
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 1: Opening and Homage10h3011h00
RV 2019PortoAPOct-08Session 3B: Tutorial10h3012h30
LOPSTR 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-08Session 3: Static Analysis10h3012h30
NSAD 2019CeutaWoDOct-08Session 210h3012h30
DataMod 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-08Session 6: Data Analysis with Models10h3012h30
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 2: Software Engineering11h0011h15
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 3: Formal Methods and Tools11h1512h30
UTP 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 4: Hybrid Models14h0015h00
LOPSTR 2019SonyAPOct-08Session 4: LOPSTR & PPDP Invited talk 14h0015h00
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-08Session 7: PPDP and LOPSTR Invited talk 14h0015h00
NSAD 2019GoogleAPOct-08Session 3: Invited talk (shared with TAPAS)14h0015h00
TAPAS 2019GoogleAPOct-08Session 3: Invited talk (shared with NSAD)14h0015h00
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-08Session 8: MPC Keynote14h0015h00
RV 2019S.JoaoAPOct-08Session 4A: Tutorial14h0015h00
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 4: Requirements Engineering / Natural Language Processing14h0014h30
RV 2019PortoAPOct-08Session 4B: Tutorial14h0015h00
DataMod 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-08Session 7: Presentation Reports14h0015h00
SASB 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-08Miguel P. Rocha (Keynote speaker)14h0014h45
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 5: Software Product Lines14h3015h00
SASB 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-08Sébastien Légaré14h4515h05
-BarVPOct-08Coffee Break15h0015h30
-HallAPOct-08Coffee Break15h0015h30
UTP 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 5: Concurrency15h3017h00
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-08Session 8: Functional and Logic Programming15h3017h00
TAPAS 2019GoogleAPOct-08Session 4: Invited talk15h3016h00
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-08Session 915h3017h00
RV 2019S.JoaoAPOct-08Session 5A: Tutorial15h3016h30
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 6: Formal Verification15h3016h45
RV 2019PortoAPOct-08Session 5B: Tutorial15h3016h30
LOPSTR 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-08Session 5: Program synthesis15h3016h30
NSAD 2019CeutaWoDOct-08Session 415h3017h00
DataMod 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-08Session 8: Panel/Discussion15h3016h30
SASB 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-08Matej Troják, David Šafránek, Jan Červený, Lubos Brim, Lukrécia Mertová15h3015h55
SASB 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-08Gareth Molyneux, Viraj Brian Wijesuriya, Alessandro Abate15h5516h20
TAPAS 2019GoogleAPOct-08Session 516h0017h30
SASB 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-08Anne Siegel (Keynote speaker)16h2017h05
-PortoAPOct-08Luigia Petre: COST action meeting16h3017h30
MH60AuditoriumWoDOct-08Opening session16h4517h00
UTP 2019AWSAPOct-08Session 6: Closing remarks17h0017h10
MH60AuditoriumWoDOct-08Session 117h0018h00
SASB 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-08Evan Becker, Kara Bocan, Natasa Miskov-Zivanov17h0517h30
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 7: Applications17h1518h00
SASB 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-08Yvan Sraka and Jérôme Feret17h3017h50
SG65ArrabidaAPOct-08Session 8: Closing18h0018h30
MH60AuditoriumWoDOct-08Session 218h1519h15
MH60AuditoriumWoDOct-08Closing session19h1519h30
VECoS 2019S.JoaoAPOct-09Session 1: Opening Session08h4509h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-09Opening FM 201908h5009h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-09Session 1: Keynote 109h0010h00
MPC 2019AWSAPOct-09Session 10: FM Keynote09h0010h00
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-09Session 9: The PPDP Most Influential Paper 10-Year Award09h0010h00
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-09Session 1: Keynote: Mayur Naik 09h0010h00
VECoS 2019S.JoaoAPOct-09Session 2: Invited talk 09h0010h00
RV 2019PortoAPOct-09Session 6: Invited Talk (Room Porto) 09h0010h00
DALI 2019CeutaWoDOct-09Session 109h0010h00
RPLA 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-09Session 1: Invited Talk09h0010h00
-BarVPOct-09Coffee Break10h0010h30
-HallAPOct-09Coffee Break10h0010h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-09Session 2A: Verification 10h3012h30
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-09Session 10: Applications10h3012h30
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-09Session 2: Pointers and Dataflow10h3012h30
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-09Session 1110h3012h30
VECoS 2019S.JoaoAPOct-09Session 3: Modeling and Verification10h3012h00
FM 2019ArrabidaAPOct-09Session 2B: Synthesis Techniques10h3012h30
RV 2019PortoAPOct-09Session 7: Specification and Monitoring10h3012h30
LOPSTR 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-09Session 6: Constraints and unification10h3012h30
DALI 2019CeutaWoDOct-09Session 210h3012h30
RPLA 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-09Session 210h3012h00
-ArrabidaAPOct-09FMICS SC meeting13h0014h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-09Session 3: Lucas Award 14h0015h00
LOPSTR 2019SonyAPOct-09Session 7: LOPSTR & PPDP Invited talk14h0015h00
PPDP 2019SonyAPOct-09Session 11: LOPSTR and PPDP Invited talk 14h0015h00
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-09Session 3: Keynote: Caterina Urban 14h0015h00
MPC 2019MiragaiaAPOct-09Session 1214h0015h00
TAP 2019S.JoaoAPOct-09Session 1: TAP Keynote 14h0015h00
RV 2019PortoAPOct-09Session 8: Tools and Benchmarks14h0015h00
DALI 2019CeutaWoDOct-09Session 3 – DaLí Keynote14h0015h00
VECoS 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-09Session 4: Invited talk14h0015h00
RPLA 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-09Session 314h1515h00
-BarVPOct-09Coffee Break15h0015h30
-HallAPOct-09Coffee Break15h0015h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-09Session 4B: Journal First Presentation 1 15h3016h00
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-09Session 4: Languages and Decidability15h3017h00
TAP 2019S.JoaoAPOct-09Session 215h3017h00
FM 2019ArrabidaAPOct-09Session 4A: Concurrency15h3017h00
RV 2019PortoAPOct-09Session 9: Enforcement15h3016h20
LOPSTR 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-09Session 8: Debugging and verification15h3017h30
DALI 2019CeutaWoDOct-09Session 415h3017h35
VECoS 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-09Session 5: Security Analysis15h3016h30
RPLA 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-09Session 415h3016h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-09Session 5: Model Checking Circus 16h0017h00
VECoS 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-09Session 6: Timed systems16h3017h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-09Session 6: FME Business Meeting17h0018h00
ALLOYMiragaiaAPOct-09ALLOY meeting17h0019h00
VECoS 2019Bolsa-1VPOct-09Session 7: Closing Session17h3017h45
DALI 2019CeutaWoDOct-09Session 517h4518h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-10Session 7: Keynote 2 09h0010h00
KeYmaeraXSonyAPOct-10Session 1 - Elementary CPS09h0010h00
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-10Session 5: Keynote: Somesh Jha 09h0010h00
RV 2019PortoAPOct-10Session 10: Invited Talk (Room Porto) 09h0010h00
LOPSTR 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-10Session 9: LOPSTR Invited talk 09h0010h00
-BarVPOct-10Coffee Break10h0010h30
-HallAPOct-10Coffee Break10h0010h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-10Session 8A: Model Checking 10h3012h30
KeYmaeraXSonyAPOct-10Session 2 - Practice & Advanced CPS10h3012h30
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-10Session 6: Numerical10h3012h30
TAP 2019S.JoaoAPOct-10Session 310h3012h00
FM 2019ArrabidaAPOct-10Session 8B: Analysis Techniques 110h3012h30
RV 2019PortoAPOct-10Session 11: Runtime Verification with Partial Information10h3012h30
LOPSTR 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-10Session 10: Program transformation10h3012h30
CbCBolsa-1VPOct-10Introduction to CbC10h3012h30
TAP 2019S.JoaoAPOct-10TAP SC Meeting13h0014h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-10Session 9: FME Fellowship Award Ceremony 14h0015h00
KeYmaeraXSonyAPOct-10Session 3 - CPS Components14h0015h00
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-10Session 7: Trends: Assuring Machine Learning14h0015h00
CbCS.JoaoAPOct-10Advanced CbC and Ongoing Research14h0015h00
RV 2019PortoAPOct-10Session 12: Test of Time Award14h0015h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-10Introducing FM 202115h0015h10
-HallAPOct-10Coffee Break15h0015h30
Social--Oct-10Social Program [FM, LOPSTR, RV, SAS, TAP] (inc. banquet)15h3023h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-11Session 10: Keynote 3 09h0010h00
FMBC 2019SonyAPOct-11Session 1 - Opening09h0009h05
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-11Session 8: Keynote: Suresh Jagannathan 09h0010h00
i-Day 2019MiragaiaAPOct-11Session 1: Invited talk09h0010h00
RV 2019PortoAPOct-11Session 13: Invited Talk09h0010h00
HFM 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-11Session 1: Keynote09h0010h00
SRVCeutaWoDOct-11Session 1 - Practical Demonstration09h0010h00
ALLOYBolsa-1VPOct-11Session 1: Overview09h0010h00
FMAS 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-11Session 1: Invited Speaker09h0010h00
FMBC 2019SonyAPOct-11Session 2 - Keynote09h0510h00
-BarVPOct-11Coffee Break10h0010h30
-HallAPOct-11Coffee Break10h0010h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-11Session 11A: Analysis Techniques 2 10h3012h30
FMBC 2019SonyAPOct-11Session 3 - Smart Contracts 110h3012h30
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-11Session 9: Synthesis and Security10h3012h30
i-Day 2019MiragaiaAPOct-11Session 2: Railways applications10h3012h00
TAP 2019S.JoaoAPOct-11Session 410h3012h30
FM 2019ArrabidaAPOct-11Session 11B: Specification Languages10h3012h30
RV 2019PortoAPOct-11Session 14: Learning and Predictive Monitoring10h3012h30
HFM 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-11Session 210h3012h30
SRVCeutaWoDOct-11Session 2 - Introduction to Runtime Verification10h3011h30
ALLOYBolsa-1VPOct-11Session 2: Relational logic and analysis10h3012h30
FMAS 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-11Session 2: Full Papers10h3012h30
SRVCeutaWoDOct-11Session 3 - Introduction to TeSSLa - Temporal Stream-based Specification Language11h3012h30
FM 2019AWSAPOct-11Session 12B: Journal First Presentation 2 14h0014h30
FMBC 2019SonyAPOct-11Session 4 - Verifying Consensus14h0015h30
SAS 2019GoogleAPOct-11Session 10: Temporal Properties and Termination14h0015h30
i-Day 2019MiragaiaAPOct-11Session 3: Invited talk14h0015h00
TAP 2019S.JoaoAPOct-11Session 5: Invited Tutorial14h0015h30
FM 2019ArrabidaAPOct-11Session 12A: Reasoning Techniques14h0015h30
RV 2019PortoAPOct-11Session 15: Deployment14h0014h50
HFM 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-11Session 314h0015h30
SRVCeutaWoDOct-11Session 4 - TeSSLa in Practice14h0015h30
ALLOYBolsa-1VPOct-11Session 3: Temporal logic and model checking14h0015h30
FMAS 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-11Session 3: Invited Speaker and Short Paper14h0015h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-11Session 13: Modelling Languages 14h3015h30
RV 2019PortoAPOct-11Session 16: Closing Remarks14h5015h30
i-Day 2019MiragaiaAPOct-11Session 4: Industry Applications 115h0015h30
-BarVPOct-11Coffee Break15h3016h00
-HallAPOct-11Coffee Break15h3016h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-11Session 14B: Journal First Presentation 3 16h0016h30
FMBC 2019SonyAPOct-11Session 5 - Smart Contracts 216h0018h00
i-Day 2019MiragaiaAPOct-11Session 4: Industry Applications 216h0016h30
TAP 2019S.JoaoAPOct-11Session 6: Discussion and Good bye16h0017h00
FM 2019ArrabidaAPOct-11Session 14A: Learning-Based Techniques and Applications16h0017h30
HFM 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-11Session 416h0017h00
SRVCeutaWoDOct-11Session 5 - In-depth Applications16h0017h00
ALLOYBolsa-1VPOct-11Session 4: Case studies and exercises16h0018h00
FMAS 2019Bolsa-2VPOct-11Session 4: Panel Discussion16h0017h00
FM 2019AWSAPOct-11Session 15: Refactoring and Reprogramming 16h3017h30
HFM 2019AuditoriumWoDOct-11Session 5: Audience Discussion: What have formal methods ever done for us?17h0018h00
SRVCeutaWoDOct-11Session 6 - Future Prospect17h0018h00
FMBC 2019SonyAPOct-11Session 6 - Closing18h0018h05