Standard mass dissemination of scientific results through conferences and publications is essential to the progress of scientific knowledge but it has a negative impact on the environment. This is due not only to resource consumption and pollution from on-site operation based on disposable objects, but also to the high number of flights scientists take to arrive at conference destinations every year.

Consistently with the green coloured background of its graphical identity, FM’19 is endeavoring to implement an environment-friendly ReduceRecycleReuse operation mode that avoids plastic or other throw-away objects.

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Carbon Emissions
Taking a long-haul flight generates more carbon emissions than the average person in dozens of countries around the world produces in a whole year. FM’19 gathers more than 30 events in one single destination, which allows researchers to cut back on the extra flights they would be taking if FM’19 conferences where held in different locations.

Electronic Paperless Proceedings
In partnership with Springer, we are very significantly cutting back on printed paper. FM’19 adopts Springer’s access to electronic, paper-less conference proceedings instead of printed or USB proceedings, with the exception of one or two events whose commemorative nature calls for a more physical record.

Lunchtime transportation between the congress venues will be assured by traditional Portuguese trams (vulg. eléctricos), which are electrical vehicles. Look for the ones carrying the FM’19 logo!

Attendees have access to a digital attendee guide. We invite participants and sponsors to supply digital versions of flyers and promotional material traditionally printed. We are including these materials in our online platform, please see Conference announcements.
FM’19 partners were also encouraged to prepare discounts and special offers for attendees in digital supports only.

In the development of the congress Welcome Kit we opted for eco-friendly solutions, skipping on plastic components. Our bags are made from 100% cotton, for example.
In cooperation with our catering services, we try to make real dishware, instead of disposable equivalents, the standard for all meals.
With promotional material for the congress, we looked to assure fabric and paper alternatives, instead of plastic-based materials.

Leftovers from meals will be donated to O Coração da Cidade.


Attendee Badges
FM'19 badgeThe attendee badges will hold participants’ identification and an overview of the congress program. We invite attendees to leave their badge with us before leaving the congress, so that we can reuse them in upcoming events.

Water Containers
Water bottles made available in presentations will be traded for glass bottles and glasses, which will be reused throughout the week.

FM’19 leftover merchandise, including shirts and bags, will be donated.


Promotional Material
Participants no longer needing to keep the promotional materials supplied by the various entities present at the congress are invited to dispose of flyers and the sort in the special containers provided.

Recycling is the standard for garbage disposal in all the venues of FM’19.

Pitch In

Do you have an environmentally friendly idea?  Leave us your suggestions and, if it is possible, we will help bring them to life!

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