This page aggregates the important dates of all events Porto airport associated to the FM’19 World Congress.

Check your timings in the table below, which you can sort and search at your convenience.

Please note that this is a dynamic table – new dates are added / updated as soon as they become available or removed when they are over:

FM 20192018-11-16Call for workshop & tutorial proposals
HFM 20192018-12-31Call for papers
FM 20192019-03-28Abstract Submission
TAP 20192019-03-28Abstract
FM 20192019-04-11Full Paper Submission
TAP 20192019-04-11Paper
SAS 20192019-04-22Abstract Submission
SAS 20192019-04-25Artifact Submission
SAS 20192019-04-25Paper Submission (new date)
TAP 20192019-04-25Paper submission (new date)
HFM 20192019-04-30Submissions
VECoS 20192019-04-30Abstract Submission
i-Day 20192019-05-03Abstract submission
PPDP 20192019-05-04Title and abstract registration (new date)
MPC 20192019-05-07Abstract Submission (AoE) (extended)
MPC 20192019-05-10Full Paper Submission (AoE) (extended)
PPDP 20192019-05-10Paper submission (new date)
VECoS 20192019-05-19Submission of papers (new date)
i-Day 20192019-05-19Full paper submission deadline (extended)
RV 20192019-05-21Abstract deadline (new date)
RV 20192019-05-21Submission deadline (new date)
SAS 20192019-05-31Author Response (until June 3)
PPDP 20192019-06-10Rebuttal period (48 hours) (new date)
FM 20192019-06-11Notification
MPC 20192019-06-14Notification
SAS 20192019-06-14Notification
i-Day 20192019-06-14Notification
FMTea 20192019-06-15Submission of papers (new date)
DS 20192019-06-18Submission deadline (new date)
VECoS 20192019-06-18Notification of acceptance
PPDP 20192019-06-20Author notification (new date)
DataMod 20192019-06-24Abstract submission deadline (extended)
LOPSTR 20192019-06-25Abstract submission (extended)
TAP 20192019-06-25Notification (new date)
VECoS 20192019-06-25Final version
DALI 20192019-06-28Paper Submission (extended)
DataMod 20192019-06-30Full paper submission (extended)
FM 20192019-06-30Tool Exhibition proposal submission
FMBC 20192019-06-30Abstract submission (extended)
HFM 20192019-06-30Notification of acceptance
LOPSTR 20192019-06-30Paper/Extended abstract submission (AoE, UTC-12)
FMIS 20192019-07-01Paper Submission (24h00 AoH) (extended)
RV 20192019-07-01Notification (new date)
F-IDE 20192019-07-02Abstract submission (extended)
DS 20192019-07-05Notification
AFFORD 20192019-07-07Paper Submission (extended)
FMAS 20192019-07-07Submission (extended)
FMBC 20192019-07-07Paper submission (extended)
OpenCERT 20192019-07-08Paper Submission deadline (extended)
F-IDE 20192019-07-09Paper submission (extended)
FM 20192019-07-09Camera Ready
OVT 20192019-07-09Abstracts
MPC 20192019-07-12Camera Ready
SASB 20192019-07-14Submission deadline (extended)
i-Day 20192019-07-14Camera-ready papers submitted
FMTea 20192019-07-15Notifications to authors (new date)
PPDP 20192019-07-15Final paper version
REFINE 20192019-07-15Paper submission (extended)
NSAD 20192019-07-18Submission deadline (extended)
TAP 20192019-07-18Camera-Ready submission (new date)
TAPAS 20192019-07-18Submission deadline (extended)
OVT 20192019-07-23Full Papers (extended)
LOPSTR 20192019-07-24Notification
RPLA 20192019-07-28Paper submission deadline (firm)
AFFORD 20192019-07-31Paper Notification
DataMod 20192019-07-31Notification to authors
SASB 20192019-07-31Notification of acceptance
DALI 20192019-08-04Notification (new date)
FMAS 20192019-08-07Notification (extended)
FMBC 20192019-08-07Author notification (newdate)
REFINE 20192019-08-09Notification (extended)
AFFORD 20192019-08-15Camera Ready
FMTea 20192019-08-15Proceedings version ready (new date)
NSAD 20192019-08-15Notification of acceptance (extended)
OVT 20192019-08-15Notifications
TAPAS 20192019-08-15Notification of acceptance (extended)
OpenCERT 20192019-08-16Accept/Reject Notification
F-IDE 20192019-08-20Notification
FMIS 20192019-08-20Notification (extended deadline)
RPLA 20192019-08-25Author notification (new date)
OVT 20192019-08-27Camera ready version of papers
LOPSTR 20192019-08-30Final paper version (for electronic pre-proceedings)
SASB 20192019-08-31Final version due
FMAS 20192019-09-01Final Version due
HFM 20192019-09-01Presentations
DALI 20192019-09-02Camera Ready
DataMod 20192019-09-02Pre-proceedings final version due
FMBC 20192019-09-02Camera-ready due
FMIS 20192019-09-02Camera Ready
OVT 20192019-09-02Pre-proceedings due
REFINE 20192019-09-02Proceedings version ready
F-IDE 20192019-09-03Camera-ready version
NSAD 20192019-09-08Final version due (extended)
RPLA 20192019-09-08Camera ready version (new date)
TAPAS 20192019-09-08Final version due
FM 20192019-09-10Deadline for Early Registration (AoE)
FM 20192019-10-05Deadline for Late Registration (AoE)
AFFORD 20192019-10-07Workshop Date
DS 20192019-10-07FM Doctoral Symposium
DataMod 20192019-10-07Symposium
F-IDE 20192019-10-07Workshop date
FM 20192019-10-07Tool Exhibition
FMIS 20192019-10-07Workshop
FMTea 20192019-10-07FMTea19 in Porto
MPC 20192019-10-07Conference
PPDP 20192019-10-07Symposium
REFINE 20192019-10-07Workshop
VECoS 20192019-10-07Conference
LOPSTR 20192019-10-08Conference
NSAD 20192019-10-08Workshop
OVT 20192019-10-08Workshop
OpenCERT 20192019-10-08Workshop
RV 20192019-10-08Conference
SASB 20192019-10-08Workshop
TAPAS 20192019-10-08Workshop
UTP 20192019-10-08Symposium
DALI 20192019-10-09Workshop
FM 20192019-10-09Symposium
RPLA 20192019-10-09Workshop
SAS 20192019-10-09Symposium
TAP 20192019-10-09Conference
FMAS 20192019-10-11Workshop
FMBC 20192019-10-11Workshop
FMBC 20192019-10-11Post-proceedings due (tentative)
i-Day 20192019-10-11FM Industry Day
FMIS 20192019-11-11Submission of paper revision for LNCS publication (tentative)
SASB 20192019-11-15Post-proceedings due
TAPAS 20192019-11-15Post-proceedings due
HFM 20192019-12-31Proceedings papers