Planning to participate in the FM’19 World Congress on Formal Methods? This page is for you.

The overall schedule of the whole FM Week can be found below. Please have a look at the events that interest you in particular.

You will be able to register for such events only or for the full week. The fees, early/normal registration deadlines and other details can be found in the Registration Page.

Also have a look at the local information page and at the FM Week Social Event described below.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the organization at


FM Week Schedule

7 Oct8 Oct9 Oct10 Oct11 Oct
FM 2019FM 2019FM 2019
DS 2019LOPSTR 2019LOPSTR 2019LOPSTR 2019i-Day 2019
MPC 2019MPC 2019MPC 2019CbCFMAS 2019
AFFORD 2019RV 2019RV 2019RV 2019RV 2019
OVT 2019UTP 2019SAS 2019SAS 2019SAS 2019
DataMod 2019DataMod 2019TAP 2019TAP 2019TAP 2019
F-IDE 2019FM4BioMed (cancelled)VECoS 2019KeYmaeraXHFM 2019
FMIS 2019NSAD 2019DALI 2019MLFV (cancelled)ALLOY
FMTea 2019SASB 2019RPLA 2019SRV
OpenCERT 2019

NB: this schedule is subject to (very minor) changes. The tutorials on Oct-10 take place in the morning.